Drupal 7 - How to update Media 1.x to Media 2.x?

Drupal 7 Media 2.x


Upgrading the Media from 7.x-1.x from 7.x-2-x is a convoluted process especially if you use modules such as Views and Features, as the change to the field type have knock-on effects on them.

Steps to do:

1. Download and replace media 7.x-1.x to 7.x-2.x

Update module normally by dowload latest version of media module from Drupal and repleace current version at sites/all/modules folder.

If you has Drush installed, you can run command:

drush up media -y

2. Install file_entity module

In Media 7.x-1.x version, file_entity is a submodule include in Media module, but in 2.x version, it has sperated to new module. Just download it and install normally.

Drush command:

dursh en file_entity

3. Run update script

Run update script to update file entity properties. http://yoursite.com/update.php or use drush command:

dursh updatedb

That all. Enjoy with Media 2.x



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